The Old Shiny

Bless the web: 10 days ago, I found instructions for fixing the problem with my Sansa e200’s scrollwheel. Apparently, the crazy, uncontrollable rolling-any-old-way-but-the-way-you-want thing, that was making me nuts, isn’t unusual. All I had to do was take the player completely apart, and clean underneath the scrollwheel. Which sounds a little nutty — what if I broke it past repair? — but the way I saw it, I couldn’t use the player as it was, anyway, so there was no risk.

There was a little hiccup when I was putting it back together — I put a gear back in upside down — but that was quickly corrected.

When I was done, the scrollwheel worked perfectly. And the sound! Oh my… Crisp and warm, with layers of details…

[Happy sigh.]

As the week went on after the repair, I slowly realized I don’t want a new mp3 player. I have the mp3 player I want. Who needs a new shiny, when one has a wonderful old shiny already in hand?


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