Faster Than I Thought

I left work a little early on Tuesday because I suddenly felt under the weather — some sort of weirdness in my tummy that involved pain. (Which is to say, no coughing, no fever, no flu.) I called in sick yesterday and slept most of the day. Today I was well enough to go back to work…and to look at the scene that I thought needed a lot of work.

Once again, not so much. This time, though, it’s not so much with the gloom and doom. I’m not sure what the scene is for in the greater scheme of things, but I think it’s finished. Well, finished for now. I’ll probably overhaul it when the whole book is done, but that will have to wait until then. For now, I’ve decided that this scene and the scene that follows it are all about Ennevel’s friendship with Od and Folet, and that this friendship will be Useful Later On.

Tomorrow, I start the Folet half of things.

Ever onward!


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