Trusting Myself, Round X

I’m working on a scene that’s really tough, because it involves two non-human characters. One of them is the POV character. On the one hand, I want the characters’ alienness to shine through, because I think that’s part of what makes them interesting. On the other hand, I don’t want them to be so alien they can’t be understood. Complicating matters is that I don’t have a tremendously strong feeling for either of them, or a bone-deep understanding of what it’s like to be them. So, unlike writing human characters, it’s not just about translating the character’s experience into language.

And, then, because it’s not difficult enough, I’m not entirely sure what the scene is for. The thing is, I wasn’t sure what the last scene was for when I started writing it, but in writing it, I figured out. I just kept going. So, today, I decided that I would do the same thing with this scene. I will figure out what it’s for by writing it.


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