Nothing much to say. In the last week to ten days, I’ve been getting sleepy earlier than — I’m not sure the shortening days aren’t part of it. Whatever the reason, I’m conking out before 11:00 PM, night after night after night. Weird.

I finished the rewrite of that scene that I had to yank, and I’m very pleased with it. Until the book is done, everything’s provisional, but as itself, the scene works. It might not work in the book as a whole, but that’s something I won’t know until I have a whole book.

I’ve passed the 50k words mark, so technically I’m past the halfway point. I say “technically” because I’m not sure I can write this story in 100k words. The answer to that is also something I won’t know until I’m done.

I’m not sure what I’m writing next; I’m stumped in every direction I can think of. I know there’s a scene where Kerlis has to find something out, but I haven’t got the least clue how. I don’t have any ideas for how to embed that moment of learning. Or what happens as a result. I’ve kicked around a few ideas, but they all seem very bleah to me.

What I really need is to print out what I have and look at it as a whole — see how it’s shaped, find clues for the next stretch in what I already have, get a feel for where it’s going. I used to know, but then my imagination made a detour, and now I’m feeling lost. I need to stop a moment and get my bearings.

But first I think I need to sleep.


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