Back in the Saddle

It’s been weighing on me that I’ve fallen silent here. Most of the stuff I have to say about writing, I’ve been saying at the Moody Muses on Wednesdays. And I haven’t really had much to say otherwise. Life is life, deeply interesting to me but unlikely to be as interesting to anyone else.

But from time to time, I do like to talk about stuff. And I thought I might take a leaf out of my friend Corrina Lawson’s book, and write about stuff other than writing. Posts are likely to be short; I’m probably going to post using my smartphone (an LG Ally, more on that later), which doesn’t allow for…verbosity. But still, I’ll talk about what’s on my mind, and if it’s interesting to other people, they’ll listen.


Generally speaking, the Ally hasn’t been getting glowing reviews. There’s something faintly dismissive in a lot of what I’ve read, as if it’s a good device for middle-aged people who want to think they’re cool, without actually knowing what cool is.

Maybe I’m one of those people. Or maybe I’m someone who wanted things an Android phone could provide, who didn’t want to spend $200 on a new phone. The reality is, the older I get, the cheaper I get. I look at things and think, “Do I really want to spend the money?” I’m sure the Incredible is a very cool phone. I’m just not sure that, for me, the extra cool is worth all the things I’d have to give up–like books–in order to have it.

So far I adore my Ally. I make use of down-time on the bus to check gmail and Twitter, so I’m all caught up by the time I get home. That leaves me time to write at night, and gets me to bed earlier than before. Yeah, reviewers aren’t loving the phone. So what? The thing about any review is that the reviewer approaches the thing to be reviewed with a series of biases and expectations, and those color the reviewer’s opinion. If you’re playing with all the technology, you might find the Ally kind of blah. But if you’re going from an ordinary phone to a smartphone, you need to think about what your needs, biases and expectations are.


And that’s it for tonight.


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